1919 First Women

Najla Abillamah: Founder of al-Fajr

Najla Abillamah (1895-1970) founded the literary magazine Al-Fajr (The Dawn) in 1919. Al-Fajr was not exclusively open to women but emphasized women’s contributions and achievements. The publication of Al-Fajr lasted for six years in Beirut (1919-1924), until Abillamah immigrated to the U.S. The magazine was published again for a year in both English and Arabic. 1

Throughout her career, Abillamah contributed articles to Al-Fatat, Minerva, Al-Mar’a Al-Jadida and other publications. 2 Like many of her contemporaries, princess Abillamah encouraged Lebanese and Arab industries, which led her to work with many women’s associations, including the Lebanese Women’s Associations 3.



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