1924 Activism

The Women’s Union in Lebanon and Syria

Though the formation of the Women’s Union in Lebanon and Syria started taking shape in 1920-1921 1, it was formally founded in 1924 to band together Lebanese women’s groups, associations, and activists 2, in particular nationalists and leftists across Syria and Lebanon 3. It is also often referred to as the Lebanese Women’s Union; according to a plethora of sources documenting women’s movements in Lebanon, it was an active organisation with a social, cultural, and political focus 4. It held conferences and conventions for women from across the Arab region, and was chaired by several pioneering women, including Ibtihaj Qaddoura. In later years (1928-1929), the Lebanese Women’s Union changed to become the Arab (Lebanese) Women’s Union 5. In 1946, the Union bifurcated to two separate organisations: the Women’s Union led by Ibtihaj Qaddoura; and the Lebanese Women Solidarity Association, led by Laure Thabet 6. The two unions reunified in 1952 to form the Lebanese Council for Women.