1944 First Women

Rose Attallah Shahfah: A writer and advocate of women’s rights

Much like her contemporaries, Rose Attallah Shahfah was an active woman in the realms of writing and promoting women’s rights. She wrote for several magazines and newspapers of her time, including al-Arous (The Bride) and Sout al-Maraa (Women’s Voice), among others. She headed several women’s organisation in Syria and Lebanon, including the Lebanese Women’s Union in 1944. One of her books, Wahi al-Omouma (The Inspiration of Motherhood), was a collection of articles and speeches that were collected by Goergi Baz, a biographer and an author known as the “Women’s Supporter” 1. She lectured in several universities in Arab countries, from Egypt to Syria, and attended women’s conferences in Lebanon and worldwide. 2