1936 First Women

Ibtihaj Qaddoura: A leading women in the feminist movement in Lebanon

Ibtihaj Qaddoura’s journey with women’s movements and associations started in 1914 with the creation of the Awakening of the Young Arab Women Association along with other feminist contemporaries such as Anbarah Salam Khalidi. From that date onwards, she advocated for women’s rights in every form. She participated in, led, and organised protests; wrote petitions 1; chaired organisations such as the Arab Lebanese Women’s Union (formerly known as the Women’s Union) and the  Lebanese Council for Women (1953-1966); and addressed presidents and parliamentarians to grant women their political rights. In 1936, she wrote on behalf of the Arab Lebanese Women’s Union to the Lebanese Parliament:

“The Women’s Union wishes your honourable council to recognize women as citizens and to grant them their civil rights, and draw your attention that women share your nationality, civilisation, and history.” 2