1990 Achievements

Giving precedence to international treaties

Article 2 of the Lebanese Code of Civil Procedure, issued in 1983, necessitates that Lebanese courts adhere to the hierarchy of legal rules, which requires them to give international treaties jurisdictional precedence in the event of a conflict with national laws. However, feminist activist Laure Moghaizel, along with a delegation from the Human Rights Association, made a proposal for a clause to be added to the Lebanese constitution to commit Lebanon to international treaties – such as the International Declaration of Human Rights – with regards to issues related to human rights. Though the clause was not added to the body of the Lebanese constitution, it was added to its introduction on 27 September 27 1990. This recognition continues to empower activists to this today.

Laure Moghaizel, lawyer, human rights activist and feminist, was a prominent force who advocated the addition of Lebanon to international treaties.