2019 Women in Government

Four women appointed as ministers

Raya El Hassan - Violette Khairallah Safadi - May Chidiac - Nada Boustani
النساء في حكومة ٢٠١٩ – The women in Lebanon’s 2019 government

31 January 2019 – Four of the thirty ministers appointed to the 2019 Government headed by Saad Hariri were women, among them the first woman to be appointed as Minister of Interior and Municipalities Minister in an Arab League country, Raya El Hassan (Future party), and the first woman to head the Lebanese Ministry of State for Women’s Affairs refashioned as the Ministry of State for Economic Empowerment of Women and Youth, Violette Khairallah Safadi. In addition May Chidiac was appointed State Minister for Administrative Development, previously held by Dr. Inaya Ezzeddin, and Nada Boustani (FPM) was appointed to the Ministry of Energy and Water.

On 29 October, following weeks of protest,  Prime Minister Saad Hariri announced his government’s resignation.