1925 First Women

Fatima (Roz) Mohyeldin al-Youssif: The founder of Roz al-Youssif

Born in Tripoli and raised in Alexandria, Fatima (Roz) Mohyeldin al-Youssif became one of the most distinguished women in Egypt for her role in establishing the magazine Roz al-Youssif, a bastion for political opposition against the British colonisation of Egypt at the time 1. The magazine was printed and distributed from 1925-1958, first on a weekly, then on a daily, basis. When it was first published, Roz al-Youssif had an artistic flair, with a focus is on the arts, theatre, celebrity news, and famous actresses. A year into its distribution, the magazine took a political turn, and it sparked the attention of opposition figures in Egypt, such as Saad Zaghloul 2. In its third and fourth year of publication, due to its critical content, the Egyptian regime suspended and confiscated over sixty out of a total of 104 issues intended for distribution 3. Though her pioneering efforts lied mostly in the realm of political journalism, she left a print on the theatre scene in Egypt, where she joined many theatre and acting groups. 4