1945 First Women

Edvick Jureidini Shayboub: The editor-in-chief of Sout al-Maraa

In 1945, the weekly newspaper Sout al-Maraa (Women’s Voice) launched its inaugural issue. Edvick Jureidini Shayboub became the newspaper’s editor-in-chief in 1951. The newspaper was specialised in women’s affairs, from their rights and movements to activism 1. Shayboub wrote for women and became one of the most prominent writers of children’s fiction 2. In 1946 she became among the first woman to work at the Lebanese Radio (Radio Lebanon) after the French handed the station over to the Lebanese government 3. She was also the only woman from the Middle East to be invited to the first International Conference for Radio and Television, hosted in London in 1969 4.