1923 First Women

Aminah Khoury Makdisi: The Founder of Moured al-Ahdath

Another pioneering woman journalist from Tripoli, North Governorate, Aminah Khoury Makdisi launched her magazine, Moured al-Ahdath (The Events Provider), in 1923, in Beirut, publishing it until 1926 1. The magazine specialised in scientific and literary writing, but was unique in producing a special addendum for children, sold alongside the magazine. She recorded the biographies of the pioneering women of her time, and collected them in a book that was published in 1958 under the title of Hamelat al-Nour, the “Carriers of Light.” 2 In her introduction, she shed light on the contributions of women in Lebanon, writing that:

“No doubt that in our Arab East, especially in Lebanon, there is a big group of women enlighteners who dispelled the darkness spread by ignorance. As leaders of social movements and pioneers in humanitarian services, they contributed to building our modern civilisations. And so I hope there would be someone who collects their biographies to commemorate their memory for the generations to come.” 3