2018 Achievements

Lebanon maintains its record of 6 women elected to parliament

6 May 2018 – The 2018 elections saw a record number saw a record 113 women submit their candidacy, of which 86 were selected on electoral lists.. 77 lists presented themselves, among those was the “Women of Akkar” list consisting exclusively of 5 women, leaving one seat empty.
6 women won seats:  lawyer Roula Tabsh (Future Party), Paula Yaacoubian (Sabaa Party), Bahia Hariri (Future Party), Sethrida Geagea (Lebanese Forces), Dr. Inaya Ezzeddine (Amal), and Dima Jamli (Future Party).

لائحة نساء عكار - Women of Akkar List
لائحة نساء عكار – Women of Akkar List